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What we do

We provide a multi-disciplinary community with quality e-learning  experiences containing reliable and up-to-date content from experts in the field of microbiologically influenced corrosion. 

Wide Variety of Topics

MIC is a broad subject area involving the fields of materials science, microbiology, electrochemistry, chemical engineering, assets design and operation, chemical treatment and more. 

Self directed learning

Online courses can be taken in any order desired by students at their own pace. Courses include email access to instructors for questions and the ability to participate in our MIC e-learning community. Future group online discussion forums are planned. New courses continue to be developed and added to provide the most current information in the field. 

E-Learning Community

Learning from one another is promoted through our MIC E-Learning Community. Enrolled students have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other students within the E-Learning Community. Current students will be invited to join our monthly online forums to discuss case studies and questions with the instructors and each other. 

Our Courses

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Fundamentals of MIC Threat Assessment
Fundamentals of MIC Monitoring 
Fundamentals of MIC Mitigation
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Benefits of our training programs


Interact with other students in the MIC E-Learning Community, email your instructors for support and participate in regular Zoom meetings to discuss course content, student questions and case studies. 

Globally relevant

Microbial problems are found in diverse environments and in different forms around the world. Our training helps students see the global impact of microbial problems and the need for smart solutions.


MIC and other microbial problems require a multidisciplinary approach to reach real solutions. Our training encompasses input from a variety of experts from different fields, adding real value for students. 

Practical approach

Our training is designed to help students apply the knowledge gained to real world microbial problems in infrastructure, drinking water, energy, process facilities, manufacturing and other sectors. 

Standards and Guidelines

Standards, guidelines and industry best practices are incorporated into the course content to illustrate how they can be used help diagnose and manage MIC and other corrosion threats.

Downloadable Resources

Each course includes a number of downloadable resources including lecture notes, checklists, data tables, forms, articles and other useful materials. 

Our instructors make MIC training accessible for everyone

Courses include a variety of learning modes including video interactions, definitions, clear explanations, note-taking, interactive ebooks, self-assessment, certificates, case studies, reference lists, and much more.
"The success of our students relies on them gaining a clear understanding of the interaction between microbiology and corrosion - our training helps them achieve that " 

Torben Lund Skovhus
Lead Instructor

"Case studies and real world examples are essential to our training. They help our students apply technical concepts in concrete ways that enhance learning."

Richard B Eckert
Lead Instructor

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